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Time and weather in Holland (Netherlands)
  In Holland it is now

Jelle 2.0 weblog  Dutch My progress with becoming a happy pensionado

(Dutch) Radio related
Veronica 192 Dutch De moeder aller zeezenders, Radio Veronica anno 1959-1974
Radio Centraal Dutch Radio Centraal Den Haag 94.5 met web stream
Radio Centraal Dutch Radio Centraal Den Haag Facebook pagina
Radio Centraal Dutch Radio Centraal Den Haag alternatieve web site
KXradio Dutch KX Radio internet station Dutch Actueel nieuws
Radio Freak Dutch Actueel nieuws, met forum
Jingle web NL Dutch The art of radio jingles and themes
Top Format HaarlemJingles and commercials
JAM Dallas TexasJingles and commercials from the original source
OldiesProjectMemories and stream of the sixties Big L, offshore Radio London
ShoutcastLiterally thousands of radio stations (even nonstop Christmas)

Fun stuff
Ironic TimesSimply the best - fresh every week
DilbertLife and management in large organisations
Familie Doorzon Dutch Comic strips
Fokke & Sukke Dutch Comic strips
Haagse Harry plat Haags Harry's haum peits
Haags toetsenbord plat Haags Harry's ège kankâh kiebogd
Speciaal toetsenbord Dutch Toetsenbord aangepast voor tevredenheidsonderzoek

More serious stuff
JS MineSetJim Sinclair is the most famous gold pundit,
but relatively quiet lately (2014-2015)
Zero HedgeCynical non-mainstream financial economic columns
International LivingEnjoy living abroad, wherever that is
Inspiring booksThe monk who sold his Ferrari, and similar books

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Language school Step 1 Idiomas is a school where students can choose to stay
in a hotel, in an apartment or with a Brazilian family.
Escape ArtistChapter Florianopolis
iFloripaCheck Floripa's current weather and other info.

Personal recommendations
Sicking Swiss Chalets Real Estate firm in Gstaad, Switzerland
Novum MachinesAgricultural machines (design: DDC Prod, maintenance: Jelle)
Tanja Zeilmaker Dutch Therapie en Coaching (content: Saskia, realisatie: Jelle)
RenéVanDenAbeelen Dutch Persoonlijke site van René van den Abeelen: zie 'hofstad'
Knijnweb Dutch Persoonlijke site van Eric Knijnenburg
Sjoerd's home page
 Dutch Persoonlijke home page van mijn neefje ...
 Dutch ... en van zijn bedrijf